Austin, Texas is a city renowned for its vibrant music scene, thriving arts community, and laid-back atmosphere. It attracts residents and visitors with its unique charm and incredible food. As the capital of the Lone Star State, Austin combines a rich history with modern innovation, creating a dynamic and eclectic urban environment. From the picturesque Lady Bird Lake to the bustling South Congress Avenue, Austin offers a diverse range of experiences for everyone to enjoy.

The list below features the best interior architects if you want to transform your living or working space in Austin. The firms below are handpicked based on their exceptional design expertise, creativity, and ability to bring clients’ visions to life. Whether you’re seeking a contemporary urban oasis or a timeless rustic retreat, these interior architects possess the skills and knowledge to curate spaces that truly resonate with your lifestyle and preferences.

Studio 8 Architects

3100 Alvin DeVane Blvd Bldg A Ste 200-B, Austin, TX 78741

Founded in 2003, Studio 8 Architects is composed of strategists, creatives, and thinkers who solve architectural challenges, create master planning, and design interiors. It offers a wide range of services, which include construction, architecture, furniture, and sustainability. The company employs determined individuals to help clients realize their dreams and visions.

Studio 8 Architects is jointly led by principals, Milton Hime, Lisa Cuddy, and Paul Detke. They oversee the company’s daily operations, ensuring the client’s needs are met. They lead a team of artisans whose experience and expertise are unquestionable. Under their watch, the company aims to offer only the best for its clients and maintain long-lasting relationships.

The firm takes pride in the many accomplishments it has earned through the years. In 2021, it was presented with the Firm Achievement Award and the Community Service Award, presented by Milton Hime. It also houses experts who are affiliated with the American Institute of Architects and are LEED-certified. 

Antenora Architects

3410 Far West Blvd Ste 330, Austin, TX 78731

In 1997, Antenora Architects was established by Architect Michael Antenora. Now in its 20th year, the company has earned a national reputation for its innovative design, professionalism, integrity, and community service. With its guiding principle, “Architecture for People,” the firm focuses on creating architecture and places based on personal experiences of residents. The company provides services that include architectural interior design, historic preservation, graphics, and planning.

Leading Antenora Architects is its founding principal, Michael Antenora, who completed his education at the University of Texas at Austin. Under his leadership, the company is committed to offering clients the highest quality of projects within the specified time frame and budget. Antenora listens to each client’s needs and works hard to  ensure all specifications are met.

The company holds numerous awards and recognitions since its founding. This includes the 2017 AIA National Honor Award presented by The Cotton Gin. Antenora Architects is also proudly affiliated with the American Institute of Architects Austin.

STG Design

611 West Fifteenth St, Austin, TX 78701

Established in 1976, STG Design is an employee-owned company with a comprehensive architecture, planning, and interior design approach. The company works collaboratively with its clients, balancing service, design, and technical knowledge. Its customer-focused approach results in designs that reflect the goals and visions of its clients. STG Design has become one of the growing and leading companies committed to multi-discipline design. It consistently provides its clients with solutions for today’s challenges through innovation and experience.

STG Design is under the leadership of Jim Susman, a University of Texas graduate with a master’s in architecture. He also attended Harvard University Graduate School of Design, where he completed his master’s in design. Under Susman’s guidance, STG Design is a proud recipient of numerous awards. In 2022, it was the recipient of the Honor Award given by the Texas Society of Architects. It also ranked first among the Top Commercial Interior Design Firms, presented by Austin Business Journal. The company is also proudly affiliated with the Urban Land Institute, the Texas Society of Architects, and the US Green Building Council.

Cornerstone Architects

7000 Bee Cave Rd Ste 200, Austin, TX 78746

Based in Austin, Texas, Cornerstone Architects specializes in architecture and interior design for commercial and residential projects. Its portfolio includes restaurant, recreational, retail, resort, office, medical, religious, multifamily, and single-family residential projects. The company’s design approach combines architectural, interior, and sustainable design to create a unique vision for each project.

Cornerstone Architects is led by Mark Clarson, who has extensive experience in hospitality design in country hotels and clubs. A registered architect in Texas, Colorado, Florida, and Maryland, he specializes in single-family and multifamily resort housing. Clarson received his bachelor’s degree in architecture at Texas Tech University.

In 2021 Cornerstone Architects received the Pinnacle Awards for Luxury Pools + Outdoor Living and in 2023 they were presented with the Home & Design Award by Austin Home Magazine. Likewise, Cornerstone proudly holds affiliations with the American Institute of Architects, the Texas Association of Builders, and the National Association of Home Builders.

Michael Hsu Office of Architecture

826 Houston St Ste 100, Austin, TX 78756

Established in 2005 Michael Hsu Office of Architecture is a nationally award-winning architecture and interior design firm. It provides a wide range of expertise, which includes large mixed-use developments, architectural branding, hotels, restaurants, single-family homes, and workspaces. 

Michael Hsu House of Architecture is led by its main principals, Michael Hsu and Maija Kreishman, who are passionate and committed to delivering the highest quality projects and services to their clients. They oversee the firm’s daily operations and ensure that each project receives the same attention to detail. 

The company has been widely known as one of the best in the industry. The numerous awards it has received are a testament to the work. In 2022, Michael Hsu House of Architecture was presented with the AN Interior Top 50 Architecture and Design Firms and the Texas Society of Architects Design Award. It also proudly holds affiliations with the American Institute of Architects Austin.

Dick Clark + Associates

2120 East 7th St Ste 200, Austin, TX 78702

Founded in 1979, Dick Clark + Associates believes that architecture is about the particular site and the people using it, and not about a certain style. DC+A is known for a warm modernism, creating a connection between interior and the exterior, and using less expensive materials in creative and thoughtful ways, but is equally adept at high-end residential as well as urban commercial projects.

Dick Clark + Associates runs under the leadership of 3 partners, Mark Vornberg, Kim Power and Kris White, who collectively have 52 years of experience at DC+A, and are particularly interested in progressing the evolution of design in Austin. The founder, Dick Clark III, was considered by most the father of modern architecture in Austin and the firm continues to focus 95% of it work in Austin and central Texas. The company prides itself on creating memorable projects and inspirational spaces that capture the unique lifestyle of Austin.

In 2022, Dick Clark + Associates was presented with the Austin Home & Design Awards, and in 2021, it was named Best Architect by Austin Home Magazine. It is also proudly affiliated with the American Institute of Architects and has most recently started developing and co-developing a few projects in Austin.

Jobe Corral Architects

505 West 38th St Ste B, Austin, TX 78705

Founded in 2014, Jobe Corral Architects is a 100% women-owned-and-operated company based in central Austin. It specializes in the design of highly crafted, well-designed structures using authentic materials. It operates on the knowledge that each project springs from an understanding of the site, a transparent and respectful relationship with its clients, and a deep comprehension of the program. In every Jobe Corral project, construction quality and strong team-contractor collaboration are vital to the overall process.

Jobe Corral Architects runs under the leadership of its partner principals, Camille Jobe and Ada Corral. Ada Corral earned a Master’s in Architecture from The University of Texas at Austin, while Camille graduated from Texas A&M University and Masters from the University of California, Berkeley. They now lead a team of creative professionals who help bring the client’s visions and goals to life. They are both passionate about their jobs and aim to form lasting relationships with clients.

In 2021, Jobe Corral Architects received the DwellDesign Awards and the Austin Design Award from the American Institute of Architects. Likewise, the firm proudly affiliates with the American Institute of Architects Austin.


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