Austin, Texas is one of the best places to live in the country, with its warm weather, strong economy, and busy cultural scene. This stunning city offers excellent live music, great food, sunshine, a thriving tech market, as well as numerous entertainment options for its residents and visitors. People from California and New York looking for a balance between a small town and a vibrant city often move to Austin because of its low cost of living and lively culture.

If you are thinking about moving to the city, you will have a lot of places to choose from, from family-friendly suburbs to densely populated cities. This article lists fifteen of the best residential architects in Austin, Texas. These impressive firms were evaluated based on their portfolios, track records, and ability to exceed client expectations.

Matt Fajkus Architecture

900 East 6th Street, Suite 100, Austin, TX 78702

Matt Fajkus Architecture, also known as MF Architecture, is an architecture and interior design firm that has won awards for its exceptional portfolio. Founded in 2010, the firm has experience completing small and large residential and commercial projects. MF Architecture’s designs are based on the idea that each project is unique and should be determined by the client’s vision, the site’s status, and the functional needs. The firm offers years of knowledge, experience, and flexibility to find clear and simple answers to problems, regardless of the project’s scope, size, or complexity. It is also committed to implementing sustainable design principles to produce environmentally-friendly designs that can stand the test of time. With its creative solutions, cutting-edge technology, and integrated, hands-on approach, the firm has consistently received immense positive feedback from a long list of satisfied clients.

Project by Matt Fajkus Architecture

The Manifold House, a modern custom home in Austin, Texas, is one of the firm’s most notable projects. This large, three-floor stucco home features a black and metal roof that brings in a sleek and sophisticated design. It has a large, open-concept living room with a beige floor and a vaulted ceiling and a large, trendy kitchen and dining room with a limestone floor, a beige floor, and a wooden ceiling. Learn more about them at

LaRue Architects

500 N. Capital of Texas Hwy, Building 8, Suite 110, Austin, TX 78746

With 33 years in the industry, LaRue Architects is a residential design firm that serves Austin, Barton Creek, Bear Creek, Bee Cave, Hudson Bend, and Jonestown areas with exceptional projects. The award-winning firm was founded in 1989 to make each home a unique piece of architecture that fits its owner and location. Under the leadership of principal Jim LaRue, the firm’s team of experts is dedicated to delivering unique projects inspired by Modernism while using local building methods and materials. Over the years, the firm has successfully fostered long-term relationships with many clients by providing personal attention and solving problems immediately. These relationships with clients and its commitment to excellence have always been at the heart of the firm’s success.

Project by LaRue Architects

The Hudson Bend in Lake Travis, Texas is an excellent example of the firm’s superior quality. This house is on top of a steep hill overlooking Lake Travis, allowing an expansive view of the basin below. Long pieces of glass run the length of the ground level, supporting the cantilevered box above and giving unbeatable views of the lake and rolling hills beyond. This house was designed by LaRue Architects + Interiors in collaboration with Karen Greiner Interiors.

Cornerstone Architects

7000 Bee Cave Road, Suite 200, Austin, TX 78746

Cornerstone Architects is an architecture and design firm that has been around since 1989 and is based in Austin, Texas. Over the years, the firm has worked on diverse projects all over the United States and even in other countries, not just in Central Texas. The firm has a wide range of commercial projects, including office, medical, retail, restaurant, recreational, mixed-use, resort, religious, master planning, and multi-family facilities. Its impressive portfolio showcases its ability to deliver high-quality craftsmanship, creative solutions, and impeccable professionalism that consistently exceeds client expectations. The firm’s design process combines architectural, interior, and sustainable practices to make each project’s architectural solution unique, well-balanced, and cutting-edge.

Project by Cornerstone Architects

This featured project is the Wallis Residence. The clients were drawn to the stunning lot in Rollingwood, near the center of Austin, despite the old, run-down house that was already there. Their interest in classic shapes and proportions led to the new home’s design, which is simple, clean, and elegant. For each room to flow from one to the next, the transition from public to private areas, filled with light, had to be a work of art.

Barley Pfeiffer Architecture

1800 West 6th St., Austin, TX 78703

Barley Pfeiffer Architecture has earned its reputation as one of the best firms to deliver high-performance buildings and homes. The firm’s impressive portfolio includes visually pleasing projects, durable, cost less to own, operate, and maintain, healthier to live and work in, and more comfortable. It employs an integrated and personalized approach called the “Comprehensive Design,” which means that it meticulously handles every part of a project, from careful initial project programming and site planning to award-winning interior design and kitchens, green building strategies and analysis, mechanical systems design, dramatic lighting design, and construction administrative services. It offers years of extensive experience and flexibility to deliver projects that fit clients’ budgets, schedules, and specific project needs.

Project by Barley Pfeiffer Architecture

The Refined Ranch project is one of the firm’s notable projects. Instead of tearing down the 1960s “Ranch” and sending it to the city landfill, the firm turned it into something bright, modern, and better. This complete renovation shows a fun and elegant way to give a style that has been around for a long time a new lease on life. It offers a combination of the modern movement of the time and the popular Ranch style.

Clark Richardson Architects

2709 E 5th St, Unit 120B, Austin, TX 78702

Partners in life and in practice, April Clark and Ed Richardson formed the architecture firm Clark Richardson Architects in 2010 with the goal of creating beautiful buildings through cohesive architectural and interior design. Based in Austin, Texas, the firm approaches each project with a fresh perspective, understanding, and finding the best design solution based on the questions formulated by the client’s needs and lifestyle. The firm has designed many new custom homes and large-scale full-house renovations, receiving awards including AIA Merit and multiple Local, Regional, and National NARI awards.

Project by Clark Richardson Architects

In this featured project, the Ramsey Residence contemplates a simple plan in an exuberant manner. An orthogonally refined frontage composing spatial depth and materiality is capped by a sharply projected eave. The formal entry and foyer lead to the main living room and spacious kitchen flanking the axis. The support spaces are tucked away out of sight so that the marble slabs and wood trim can define the areas. The axis then continues to a tall windowed corridor that cuts to two outdoor courtyards. Private spaces depart from the axis to bring the whole thing together with the same care for material details and balance in areas that are seen at first sight.

Alterstudio Architecture

1801 Lavaca St., Suite #106, Austin, TX 78701

Alterstudio Architecture is a full-service architecture and design firm based in Austin, Texas. Since its inception in 2000, the firm has been known for its design intelligence, creativity, skill, and attention to detail. The firm utilizes creative design solutions based on essential principles of architecture, like making a lot of space, using natural light well, and paying close attention to every detail. Over the years, the firm has been committed to improving and protecting the communities’ cultural and natural environments by delivering projects that enhance the client’s way of life. As a result, the firm has earned much positive feedback from a long list of clients with its high-quality projects that will last for a long time. The firm has also received over 200 design awards.

Project by Alterstudio Architecture

In this featured project, the client wanted to live casually among a group of mature live oak trees. This custom home focuses on the view and a dynamic flow of space while making an abstract background for the uncertainty of light, circumstance, and perspective. The visitor walks under a grove of old trees and into an entryway with limestone, vertical wood siding, and green plants. Still unaware of the big picture, views are slowly revealed, with carefully framed vistas giving hints of what’s to come and leading to discoveries as you look for them.

Furman + Keil Architects

1211 East 11th St., Suite 200, Austin, TX 78702

Based in Austin, Texas, Furman + Keil Architects is a full-service design firm. Since its founding in 1995, the firm has worked with diverse clients on big and small projects that showcase its ability to deliver unique and high-quality work. Over the years, the firm has believed that communication and teamwork are the keys to unlocking a project’s hidden potential. As a result, the firm values the views and opinions of its clients, colleagues, consultants, and coworkers by meticulously listening to and respecting everyone’s point of view. The firm provides years of extensive technical knowledge, experience, and expertise that lets exceptional designs grow out of the project’s unique vision, needs, and place in the landscape.

Project by Furman + Keil Architects

This Barn At Critter Creek is a project that stands out among the firm’s impressive portfolio. This five-bay studio and shop can be used for many different things. The house had been home to the couple and their five kids for 20 years, but the plan was to tear it down to make room for the family’s new home. However, the firm used the existing building for something else, keeping the spirit and memories of this place. The new facility has rooms for art projects, repairs, vehicle maintenance, storage, and a party now and then. A mezzanine was added to use the building’s existing height and keep activities separate.

McKinney York Architects

1301 East 7th St., Austin, TX 78702

McKinney York Architects is an award-winning, concept-driven design firm founded in 1983 with offices in Austin and San Antonio that believes in the power of places to enrich lives. It fosters strong collaborations with clients and welcomes unusual, complex, and challenging projects. The firm makes places that engage people by cultivating a conversation with clients about their aspirations for their projects infusing architecture with both meaning and purpose. The firm’s portfolio evidences this empathetic focus, rarely repeating a style, strategy, or solution from one project to the next. The integrated and collaborative approach has earned the firm its reputation as one of the best in the industry.

Project by McKinney York Architects

The clients purchased this site high on a ridge overlooking Lake Austin and the Pennybacker Bridge. The property came with a house neatly nestled amid beautiful live oaks but proved ill-matched to their needs. McKinney’s efforts produced cantilevered floors and a bridge over critical root zones that allows the design to be truly fitted to the site and to co-exist with the trees at the entry courtyard. The firm also provided walls to display the family’s 35 paintings and books.

Kipp Flores Architects

11776 Jollyville Road, Suite 100, Austin, TX 78759

Kipp Flores Architects has been in the industry since 1987, bringing 35 years of extensive knowledge, experience, and expertise. The firm’s impressive portfolio features a diverse list of residential home designs, architectural plans, custom homes, and multifamily residence designs made from builders’ perspectives. It approaches every project with the same goal of creating both new and cost-effective designs. The firm always comes up with the most exciting, liveable, and buildable floor plans compared to others, whether designing an affordable entry-level home or an ultra-luxury, one-of-a-kind multi-million dollar project.

Project by Kipp Flores Architects

In this featured project, energy efficiency is the most important thing to this customer. Most of the home’s efficiency comes from the materials, but the firm placed windows and roof massing to take advantage of passive solar cooling. The outside walls are thicker to insulate better. It also utilized minor gas-powered appliances and fixtures for fewer fossil fuels used.

Vanguard Studio

6601 Vaught Ranch Rd., Suite G-10, Austin, TX 78730

Vanguard Studio is a nationally known architecture firm based in Austin, Texas. The firm focuses on delivering luxury custom homes in Central Texas. Since its inception in 2000, the firm has provided award-winning designs that try to bring together the timeless qualities of the past and today’s new ideas. It offers an impressive portfolio that shows its remarkable quality, professionalism, and outstanding service. To help its clients better visualize their projects, the firm provides a mix of hand-drawn schematics and cutting-edge computer visualization.

Project by Vanguard Studio

One of the firm’s most notable projects is the Yaupon Holly Contemporary Home. It has a unique blend of modern design elements that help the house fit in well with the breathtaking scenery behind it. The design of the cream stone brick wall gives the outside more visual depth. It has big windows that let in a lot of light and air from outside.

Webber + Studio, Architects

1220 Lavaca St. Austin, TX 78701

Webber + Studio was founded in 1997 to make architecture and interiors more functional, expressive, and straightforward. The firm believes that architecture has the power to make people want to do better in the world. As a result, the firm looks at each project to find its signature uniqueness. It has extensive experience designing custom homes, developments with various units, and commercial buildings. The firm has delivered exceptional projects on schedule and within budget with its dedication to excellence and customer service. It is backed by a team of passionate designers that utilize the most up-to-date tools, best materials, and creative solutions.

Project by Webber + Studio, Architects

The Tumbleweed Trail: Welcome II the Dawn project is an excellent example of the firm’s impressive quality. This new single-family home sits on a rough Central Texas hilltop, on top of a dry-stacked native stone plinth. It is a mix of passive, climate-adapted design, stark minimalism, and enticing details that pay homage to an unexpected source of inspiration: Prince. The “II” was the inspiration for the home’s plan and elevation, both symmetrical.

Danze & Davis Architects

4701 Spicewood Springs Rd, Austin, TX 78759

Since its inception in 1960, Danze & Davis Architects, Inc. has served clients in Central Texas with high-quality projects. The firm offers competitive prices without compromising its service, professionalism, and quality. Regardless of the project’s size, scope, and complexity, the firm is committed to delivering the best possible outcomes for the client’s commercial and residential projects. Over the years, the firm has earned a good reputation for its custom and residential builder services through its ability to use various construction methods and techniques, cost-effectiveness in a competitive market, and customer satisfaction.

Project by Danze & Davis Architects

This Lake Travis View project is a contemporary custom home with an open layout and a sophisticated architectural design. It was made for an active couple with no children who are getting ready to retire. The design is clean and straightforward, which goes well with their furniture and glass collection and lets you see and feel the outdoors. A roof deck on top of the garage makes the most of the outdoor space and improves the views.

Winn Wittman Architecture

1108 Lavaca, Suite 110-488, Austin, TX 78701

Winn Wittman Architecture has been in the industry for 26 years, bringing unique, modern home designs that cost over $1 million. With its expert team of architects and designers, the firm is committed to helping its clients plan and build homes in the least amount of time and money. The resulting project is a home that fits the client’s needs and budget while showing off their personal styles. The firm’s personalized service ensures a smooth, seamless, and optimized design experience for its clients.

Project by Winn Wittman Architecture

The Parallelogram House in Austin, Texas is the featured project shown. The house has two master wings on either side of a common living area in the middle. Two brothers live here with their families, so there needs to be a clear line between the public and private spaces. The master suites are as far away from each other as possible. One is on the ground floor, with doors that open to the pool deck, and the other is on the second floor at the other end of the house, with doors that open to the balcony.

Fazio Architects

308-B Congress Ave., Austin,TX 78701

Fazio Architects is an architect and design firm based in Austin, Texas. With over 25 years of experience, the firm believes that each project combines the client’s vision, the project’s function, the client’s budget, and the site’s natural features. As a result, the firm is committed to its goal of improving and protecting the natural and cultural environments by immediately dealing with all the critical design issues. It prioritizes constant communication and close collaboration throughout the design process, working with every stakeholder to create exceptional projects that guarantee satisfaction.

Project by Fazio Architects

The original Floyd Residence was a 2,000-square-foot house built in the 1970s. Fazio Architects turned it into a 4,800-square-foot home that uses less energy and is better for the environment. The house was built around the fireplace that was still there. It is one of the essential parts of the house.

Element 5 Architecture

1212 Chicon St., Ste 101 Austin, TX 78702

Element 5 Architecture has only been in the industry for ten years, but it has already solidified its reputation as an industry leader. With a highly skilled team dedicated to excellence, the firm creates a unique architectural style that lets it take on a wide range of projects, from new homes and house additions to small commercial projects. The firm’s integrated and personalized approach starts by looking at how the site’s environment affects it and then looking for an aesthetically pleasing solution that meets its clients’ goals. It focuses on delivering energy-efficient design and modern architecture while sticking to a strict budget.

Project by Element 5 Architecture

The Ashworth Residence in Austin, Texas, is one of the firm’s most notable projects. This project turned a ranch-style house from the 1960s into a modern two-floor home with an added master bedroom suite on the second floor. The outside has a gray two-story stucco design that is mid-sized and modern. On the other hand, the interior has an open floor plan and a modern look.


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