Times are changing and so does our environment. As a species, we’re looking at ways to regain and sustain the ecosystem. More and more people are embracing the idea of building a greener home. Sustainable architecture has become a more common option for people wanting to make a positive impact on the environment. Architects have spent years of practice mastering the different aspects of energy-efficient designs. This list compiles the best green architects in Austin, Texas. Each design firm is selected based on its sustainability efforts, recognitions received, and areas served. A majority of these architects have been in the industry for more than 20 years and have diverse sets of expertise. For a green home designed by the best architects in the city, take a look at our list below.

Architecture By George

6209 Yaupon Dr., Austin, TX 78759

Architecture By George is a design practice based in Austin specializing in custom home designs. Sharon George, AIA is at the helm of the architecture firm. Her industry expertise has led the firm to expand its services and specialize in creating energy-efficient designs. This adept team of architects has made countless sustainable projects come to life.

Project by Architecture By George

The firm’s custom home and remodels display the team’s detailed contemporary designs. A perfect example is this newly remodeled home completed in 2018 featuring the firm’s design. This countryside remodel displays a transitional design blending marble, wood, and brick elements with elegant furniture. The final result is a charming, functional space.

Nix Group Architects

105 W 8th St., Austin, TX 78701

Nix Group Architects has been serving Austin for more than two decades since its founding. Jim Nix is at the helm of the firm, leading the Nix Group team. This team of design-savvy professionals provides a full range of architectural services. As a member of the City of Austin’s Green Building, Nix Group also focuses on green designs.

Project by Nix Group Architects

The Nix portfolio is filled with opulent homes that include everything from contemporary to traditional homes. One of its noteworthy designs is this expansive modern home in Austin. It features an upscale design from the exterior down to its interior finishes. Beyond its intricate design, this home also features eco-friendly amenities and was built through the firm’s sustainability practices.

Stuart Sampley Architecture

817 W Gibson St., Austin, TX 78704

A design process that sets it apart from other firms has established Stuart Sampley Architecture’s name in the industry. The firm has been designing custom and energy-efficient homes since its founding in 2006. Stuart Sampley, AIA is at the helm of the firm leading its team of designers. His passion for design has developed the firm’s designs to reflect contemporary living while maintaining Austin’s distinctive spirit. Over the years, the firm has worked on home designs ranging from modern to farmhouse to sustainable homes.

Project by Stuart Sampley Architecture

This 2017 AIA Homes Tour featured project is one of the firm’s green building successes. The Lakemoore Residence received a 5-star rating from the Austin Energy Green Building and a feature in Tribeza magazine. It displays a modern contemporary design nestled perfectly in its serene neighborhood. The home features warm-tone interiors and a cool tone exterior. Some of its notable amenities include an outdoor pool, outdoor dining and bar, and a fire pit area.

JMS Architects

2213 N St. Mary’s St., San Antonio, TX 78212

Joseph Smith is driven by his pursuit of modern sustainability-infused designs. He established JMS Architects to provide quality, timely, and budget-friendly services. Smith’s high regard for personal and detailed designs has shaped the team’s work overtime. Today, the firm’s design prowess can be seen in a wide range of work for residential and commercial clients.

Project by JMS Architects

Beyond sustainability, the team also takes into consideration cultural, social, and individual aspects of the design process. As a firm with a LEED accredited leader, it’s no surprise it puts a big emphasis on green practices. Each project of the team explores the harmony of the built and natural environment. Take, for example, this expansive modern home in Austin. The team designed the home with a high ceiling for maximized airflow and glass windows which brings an abundance of sunlight into the home.

Clark|Richardson Architects

2709 Eth St., Unit #120B, Austin, TX 78702

April Clark and Ed Richardson are two design professionals who pioneered Clark|Richardson Architects in 2010. The design firm has crafted many homes in Texas, New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona, and Alabama. Its diverse background in designing residential and commercial projects has led to the development of its team. Aside from its eye-catching homes, the firm also focuses on creating energy-efficient homes through its innovative designs.

Project by ClarkRichardson Architects

The firm has been recognized with many awards over the past few years. A few of its most notable achievements in design include the National NARI Green Project Award for its sustainability projects. One of its award-winning green designs is the whole house remodel and addition design of a vintage Hyde Park bungalow. The team worked in close collaboration with the clients; their vision was clearly translated into this contemporary home. In addition to its upscale new look, the home features a 10,000-gallon rainwater collection system and a 5-star AEGB rating from Austin Energy.

Dick Clark + Associates

2120 E 7th St., Suite #200, Austin, TX 78702

Dick Clark + Associates is an award-winning design firm specializing in green design. The firm is a legacy started by Dick Clark III, FAIA. His rich background in design has built the firm’s reputation among clients and peers in the industry. Today, the firm is a joint collaboration between Mark Vornberg, Kevin Gallaugher, Kim Power, and Kristopher White. Each partner brings fresh ideas to the table that contribute to the team’s growth.

Project by Dick Clark + Associates

The firm’s green design efforts have been recognized with many awards and magazine features. The 007 House located in Austin has been featured in Dwell Magazine and recognized by the AIA Austin. The home displays a fusion of modern architecture with international style. The subtle design and play with pattern elevate the value of this elegant, yet casual home. The team created a design that will connect indoors and outdoors without losing privacy through the landscaping and structural rooflines.

Winn Wittman Architecture

1108 Lavaca, Suite #110-488, Austin, TX 78701

Winn Wittman Architecture is an Austin-based design firm offering contemporary residential design. Winn Wittman, AIA is one of the country’s leading architects and leads the firm’s design services. His works have repeatedly appeared in Architectural Digest, Architectural Record, LUXE, and on HGTV as well. Wittman gathered design-savvy architects to complete his team. Over the years, the firm has expanded its services to include commercial architecture, consulting, interior design, and homebuilding.

Project by Winn Wittman Architecture

The firm has created a sustainable design response to the South Texas climate. Some of its green designs include a rainwater collection system, eave shelter from the sun, and windows that capture cool breezes. Featured is one of its unique home designs located in Austin. The Parallelogram House is a true masterpiece from its clean exterior to its lush interior complementing the views of Lake Travis. The team expertly executed a complex parallelogram floor plan design creating a sleek space for design and decor. Note the eclectic materials: stone from Egypt, Turkey, and Germany as well as stained wood tile from Poland.

Matt Fajkus Architecture

900 E 6th St., Suite #100, Austin, TX 78702

With a firm sustainable design principle, Matt Fajkus Architecture remains one of Texas’s leading green architects. Matt Fajkus, AIA founded the firm in 2010 banking on his rich working history for various firms in Texas and Minneapolis. He leads the team in generating award-winning designs that range in style and scope. The positive effect these designs make on people and on the environment is the driving force behind this team.

Project by Matt Fajkus Architecture

The firm’s works are concentrated on creating an energy-efficient home through passive daylighting and resourceful materials. Looking through its portfolio, you’ll notice contemporary styles are the firm’s specialty. Take, for example, the Descendant House designed to be enjoyed by multiple generations. The design of this home interconnects three unique family units. A blend of contemporary and minimalist styles was employed for this design. The home was featured in the 2018 AIA Austin CRAN Tour.

LaRue Architects

500 N Capital of Texas Hway., Building 8, Suite 110, Austin, TX 78746

LaRue Architects is defined by its diverse experiences and its consistently collaborative work. Jim LaRue is at the helm of the firm with years of practice designing residential and commercial spaces. As a member of the Green Builders Association, he pushes for sustainable designs. The design-oriented firm comprises designers who are skilled with forward-thinking designs. LaRue and the team have mastered designing homes that draw on regional building methods and a modernist approach to the Central Texas lifestyle.

Project by LaRue Architects

The firm focuses on designing prime modern, ranch, and contemporary homes. One of LaRue Architects’s notable works is the Ski Slope, located in Lake Austin. This glass home replicates the beauty of its lake view. The team designed the home to fuse together glass, vernacular limestone, metal wall panels, and wood soffits elements. The overall design pays homage to the easy lake living and regional materials. Austin Home Magazine and New York Times have both featured the firm’s work.

Overland Partners

203 E Jones Ave., Suite #104, San Antonio, TX 78215

Overland Partners is a firm specializing in architecture and urban design. Richard Archer is the seasoned AIA and LEED Accredited architect who founded the firm in 1987. He believes in the power of good design—designs with a strong connection to day-to-day living. Overland Partners’ team focuses on creating human-centered design with a purpose. The results answer today’s need for healthy, relevant, and sustainable homes. In addition to being a Stephen R. Kellert International Biophilic Design Award finalist, the firm has also been recognized for its design efficiency.

Project by Overland Partners

Overland’s portfolio is a collection of projects ranging from residential homes to health and wellness spaces. Featured is one of the firm’s homes that strikes harmony between the built structure with its natural environment. Nestled amid an abundance of trees and wildlife, this Blue Lake Pavilion is a true recreational haven. Every aspect of this space—from materials to the amenities— was carefully thought out. The recreational space is designed to match the owner’s existing home and blur the line between indoor and outdoor living.

Furman + Keil Architects

1211 E 11th St., Suite #200, Austin, TX 78702

Furman + Keil Architects is an Austin-based design firm founded in 1995. Gary Furman and Philip Keil are the two well-established architects who collaboratively run the firm. Both architects’ deep backgrounds in design shaped their firm, their team, and their processes. The team has had the chance to design some of Austin’s most notable homes in the last few years. Its vision and values are reflected through its designs that enhance lifestyles and improve the environment.

Project by Furman + Keil Architects

The Viking House is one of the firm’s award-winning projects. The owner of this charming stone cottage wanted to downsize from a larger home and sought the firm’s help. To keep it updated, the team designed it to accommodate modern necessities. Its excellent design has been recognized by Fine Homebuilding Magazine, Remodeling.net, Home Design & Decor Magazine, and Austin Home Magazine. The home has also earned a 5-star rating from Austin Energy Green Building and awards from the AIA Austin and NARI.

Cornerstone Architects

7000 Bee Cave Rd., Suite #200, Austin, TX 78746

Since 1989, Cornerstone Architects has been designing some of Texas’s most noteworthy homes and commercial spaces. Its team of skilled architects is led by four established AIA principal partners—Mark Carlson, Bob Wetmore, Rodney Palmer, and Ranjit Gupta. Its design services include residential and commercial architecture, interior design, and sustainable design. Its design efforts have been recognized with awards and features. A few of these include Austin Home Magazine, Seasonal Living Magazine, LUXE Magazine, and Custom Builder magazine.

Project by Cornerstone Architects

LUXE Magazine featured this Luxe Red Award Winner home in Austin. The team was faced with the challenge of creating a captivating home on this beautiful lot. The simple, yet elegant design is inspired by traditional shapes and proportions. The interior boasts clean lines, modern design, and sophisticated touches.

Environment Associates

5828 Langfield Rd., Houston, TX 77092

Environment Associates is one of Texas’ oldest architectural firms. The ecologically-oriented firm was established by LaVerne Williams, a well-recognized green building professional. His dedication to pursuing a more sustainable way of living heavily influences his work. Williams has gathered a team of skilled architects familiar with energy-efficient designs.

Project by Environment Associates

Environment Associates is big on energy-efficient designs, and its team of LEED Accredited Professionals is well-versed with sustainable homes and specializes in Design For Life Technologies. That technology aims to design homes infused with sustainable features. Some of the methods include advanced insulation, day-lighted interiors, a decreased carbon footprint, and renewable energy among others. One of its LEED Platinum home designs is located in Texas. This simple yet effective design is home to a number of green features that help create an energy-efficient home.


311 Third St., San Antonio, TX 78205

Lake|Flato is an international architectural firm based in Texas. Ted Flato and David Lake lead the team of over 100 architects, designers and LEED Accredited Professionals. Together with seven other partners, the team encourages a collaborative work environment. That approach allows the firm to cultivate original ideas that lead to project success. In almost 40 years of work, the firm has been recognized with 13 AIA Committee on the Environment (COTE) Top Ten Awards (more than any firm in the world), the AIA Firm of the Year Award, the Interior Design Magazine Hall of Fame Award, and in 2019 they were recognized as the #1 firm in the U.S. in Architect Magazine’s annual “ARCHITECT 50” ranking.

Project by LakeFlato

With a passion for sustainability, the firm has generated its own sustainability design performance vision: to create designs that connect built space with the environment. A majority of the firm’s projects reflect its sustainability efforts and the blurring of lines between indoor and outdoor living. An award-winning example is the Aegean Pool House: it earned the 2020 AIA San Antonio Honor Award and the 2020 Chicago Athenaeum American Architecture Award. This surprising pool house features complete amenities; outdoor dining, kitchen, and two bedrooms. Owners can step out and enjoy the outdoor pool as well as the natural views.

Miró Rivera Architects

505 Powell St., Austin, TX 78703

Miró Rivera Architects is an award-winning architectural firm in Austin pioneered by Juan Miró and Miguel Rivera. Both leaders are American Institute of Architects (AIA) Fellows and LEED Accredited Professionals (LEED AP). Miró Rivera’s approach to sustainability focuses on integrating basic, time-tested principles into the core design of their projects. From the orientation of a building to features such as deep overhangs and abundant natural light, the architects have developed a set of fundamental guidelines that they can apply to projects of all types and scales. The firm received the Texas Architecture Firm Award in 2016 and was the only firm in Texas included in ArchDaily’s list of the World’s Best Architects.

Project by Miró Rivera Architects

With multiple 5-star Austin Energy Green Building and LEED-certified projects, the firm is big on sustainable design. Aesthetics meet sustainability in this impressive rural architecture project. The Hill Country House is a self-sustaining home bringing people and spirituality together. The simple and straightforward design complements the abstract landscape it sits on and utilizes both solar and geothermal energy as well as rainwater collection. This project earned an AIA design award, Austin Green Award, and a 4-star rating from Austin Energy Green Building.


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